“Blonde in America”

Click here to read “Blonde in America“, a light and playful profile of a young blonde woman who dyes her hair black. Her decision to radically change her appearance provides entertaining insights into the politics of sexual allure on an American university campus. You can read “Blonde in America” at the following link:

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“Damnation: Protecting India’s Children”

You can read my essay “Damnation: Protecting India’s Children” by visiting the following URL:



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“Gang rape cases show need for a new India for women”

Click on the link below to read my “Guest Voices” column in the “Washington Post” about the recent rape of a 23-year old medical school student in New Delhi:


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“Baby love” in “The Washington Post” – “On Faith” 14 Feb 2012

You can read my recent column, “Baby love“, on Valentine’s Day by visiting the “On Faith” section of “The Washington Post”:




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Thanksgiving column in “The Washington Post” – 2011

Visit the “On Faith” column at “The Washington Post” to read my recent ruminations on Thanksgiving.




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“Bollywood Weddings” in “Himal South Asian” magazine

Click here to read a review of “Bollywood Weddings” in the August 2011 edition of “Himal South Asian” magazine.

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Asian American Center at Tufts University

Thursday night I gave a talk at Tufts University’s Asian American Center to a predominantly  undergraduate student population, many of whom were second-generation Indian-American Hindus. We touched on topics such as dating, eastern versus western values, mixed marriages, inter-generational conflict and the many ways one can formulate one’s identity in a two-hour event which also included delicious catering from a local Indian restaurant.

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